Clean Water and Food Safety for All Kenyans – Enshrined in the New Constitution

Disorder and chaos has plagued Kenya for as long as Kenya has existed as a country. But that doesn’t mean that the government hasn’t made efforts in stemming this tide of conflict, social inequality, and scourge of corruption through constitutional reform. Kenya has in fact ratified a new constitution on 2010, which has since superseded the outdated 1963 constitution that Kenya adopted post-independence – and this new constitution has been approved, signed, sealed and delivered, taking effect since August 27th, 2010.

That doesn’t mean a new constitution cures all the ills plaguing Kenyan society – but regardless of how cynical people can be, we all must start someplace – and the constitution is a good start.

ARTICLE 43: Protecting Food And Water Safety

Article 43 is known as the set of provisions set forth in the Kenyan Constitution regarding safety, cleanliness, and orderliness of food and water for Kenyans. This provision also promulgates the importance and necessity of distributing water and food among all Kenyans equally regardless of social status. This is a godsend to many Kenyans just for the fact that majority of Kenya lives under less than a dollar per day, torn with ethnic conflict and disorder, with famine not an uncommon occurrence in its poorest areas. This provision at least addresses this fact and guarantee that the government, despite all its faults, will do its best to provide its people, even poor people, access to food and water throughout the country – and its ministries and agencies are tasked to that end. This includes the ministries of health, housing, water, education, human rights and internal security.

Protecting Those Who Are The Poorest

This constitution is basically for the men and women who are unable to meet the ends when they are doing a job to run their home. They are unable to get the bread for their family and they don’t have enough resources to provide basic facilities to their family. They don’t have access to clean water, to the enough food, to the safety, to the education for the children and to the rights to keep them safe from any kind of mishap which is their right to avoid. They don’t have enough rights to save themselves from the diseases due to no awareness around them.

4 Provisions

The clauses pertaining to food and water safety and distribution for all are the following.

  1. To make it possible for everyone to access the clean water and food as well as to get the basic rights for their family and living.
  2. To help the people who are disabled and who are unable to work or unable to compete with the normal people.
  3. To make the project effective for the economic and social rights and it will be possible for every citizen to claim their right and live in the equality.
  4. To increase the awareness among the people who are still unaware of their rights and who don’t know whether they should claim it or leave it.

This article is going to make everyone realize the rights and different countries will start distributing equal things to the citizen to stop creating a difference in them. This is especially for the males and females whose income level is not up to the mark. This will help Kenya in being a developing country and every citizen of the country will help in making this place less poor. All the inappropriate policies will soon be forgotten and people will be able to understand their rights. Sure it takes time – but the new constitution at least provides hope for a change in Kenya.