Human Rights as Applied in the New Kenyan Constitution of 2010

Kenya has had issues with its human rights record – this is largely due in part due to political disorder and unrest with its fractious system and flawed democracy. And this, unsurprisingly, has led to a breakdown in the treatment of human rights all over the land – many people are starving, dying, and do not have access to certain rights that should be available to all human beings. That of representation, safety, food, and protection.

Under no illusions should we think that the new constitution will be the magic bullet that solves all Kenya’s ills, but we can all agree that it is at least a good start and a theoretical framework for which the government and its people should work hand in hand together to build a better future for all – not just some – Kenyans.

Human rights are of great importance when you need to develop your country and when you need to keep every citizen of the country happy as well as satisfied. In the constitution of Kenya, human rights are enshrined as basic, inalienable and democratic right of the citizens.

Let’s take a closer look at 10 of the provisions that the newly promulgated Kenyan Constitution of 2010 sets forth in terms of protecting the dignity of Kenyans all over the land.

1. The Right To Dignity

If their dignity is being challenged then they can lodge complaint against the person to save their family or respect in the country.

2. The Right To Live Freely And Peacefully

No one can impose slavery on them when they don’t want to. There is no imposing of doing labor or slavery of anyone in the country when they don’t want to.

3. The Right To Life

Every citizen has equal right of life. Gone are the days of forcibly denying a person’s right to life as though they were mosquitoes.

4. The Right To Be Informed

They have right to access the information which is important as well as legal for them to know. They have right to know about the country as well as other things about the place.

5. The Right Of Law

If someone is doing injustice to them then this is a basic right of the citizen to go to the court in order to have justice and ask the court about their rights.

6. The Right To Justice

Administrative persons can take fair action against the issues to provide justice to the people and to keep them satisfy with the law and order of the place.

7. The Right To Religious Freedom And Identity

No matter if the person is from the country or outside of the country they have right to practice their language and religion on the country like other does. Everybody will be treated equally in the country.

8. The Right Of Movement

Freedom will be provided to each and every citizen to live where they want to and of movement. They can move throughout the country legally according to their legal human right.

9. The Right To Food And Water

This is the right of every human to get the clean water, food and environment to live a happy and healthy life. This is the responsibility of government to provide basic facilities to the citizens.

10. The Right To Live Productively

They have right to use education, money, food, water, jobs and social security. This is the duty of state to provide basic rights to every citizen so they can live in peace.

Human rights in the constitution of Kenya exist to provide it to all Kenyans, to keep them safe and to keep them in their own country. Every citizen should have understood now what human rights constitution told them about their rights – because it is worth fighting and worth striving for such lofty goals. And the constitution is a good start.